D028 - Introductory combo sets of the legendary Zundel struggle for Truth in History - Set 1

This set includes 2 DVD's and one book... 
  1. Off Your Knees, Germany:

Seven judges at the 9th Myrtle Beach International Film Festival, April 23-26, honored a politically highly controversial film in the Documentaries category.  The film portrays the lifelong political struggle of a German national, Ernst Zundel, against the global forces of censorship intent on stifling inconvenient facts of history. DVD. 90 min.

 2. A Spartan of the Spirit


This DVD tells how Ernst Zundel’s stunning prison paintings were created – under the most daunting and humiliating conditions in our so-called “modern” prisons in three countries on two continents, where speaking the truth is now a “crime” enshrined in law.   One of the most inspirational stories of our times. DVD. 80 min.

 3. Letters from Cell # 7

 Prison memoirs of 2 years in brutal solitary confinement in an Abu-Ghraib-type prison in Toronto, Canada. Paperback, 180 pages.