B245- My Awakening / by David Duke

My Awakening more than just a fascinating autobiography of a very controversial man. It is an incredibly honest book that dares to confront the most challenging issues of modern times. David Duke’s book is not for the faint of heart or for those smug in their belief systems. It is for those unafraid to be stimulated by facts and ideas that may well question established beliefs. It is a revolutionary and evolutionary book that Glayde Whitney (a prominent behavioral geneticist) says may well “rattle civilization to it’s core.” David Duke devotes most of the book to his views on race and its implications for society and evolution, but it is also an exciting and revealing story of a man known only as a caricature painted by a hostile media. In advancing his powerful thesis, he offers copious research and amazing quotes from men both in historical and contemporary times. He offers over a thousand references and an extensive index for the researcher. Love him or hate him, you will be affected by his candid, totally open, hell-for-leather gallop across the politically corrected landscape of our times. After reading My Awakening, you may never be the same again. “…more than just a book. It is a painstakingly documented, academically excellent work of socio-biological-political history that had the potential to raise tremendous controversy and change the very course of history.” –Professor Glayde Whitney, a leading researcher in the field of behavioral genetics, from his Foreword in My Awakening. About David Duke. Long before it became politically acceptable to do so, David Duke advanced the idea of “workfare instead of welfare.” In fact in the early 1980s he coined the term “workfare” in proposals for welfare reform. Before Republicans effectively used opposition to “affirmative action” as effective campaign issues, David Duke showed the way in his astounding meteoric rise in Louisiana politics. Despite his controversial background he won election to the Louisiana legislature in the face of massive media and establishment opposition, and then in subsequent statewide races for Governor and U.S. Senator, he received over 60 percent of the White vote. In the process of those elections he defeated the sitting Republican governor and gave an 18-year incumbent Democratic senator the closest re-election race of his career. He currently serves as chairman of the Republican Party in the largest Republican parish in Louisiana—the only one with a Republican majority. A few of the Personalities who have interviewed him include, Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw, Barbara Walters, Candice Bergen, Sam Donaldson, Larry King, Phil Donahue, Ben Bradlee, Jr., and Jesse Jackson. David Duke publishes the David Duke Report and continues to speak out and travel all over the world on behalf of his views.

Hardback, 700 pages