B232 - The Fuhrer's Proclamation to the German People. Reich Declaration of War on the Soviet Union by Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh has a gift for making official documents clear. The Fuhrer's Declaration of War on the Soviet Union is one of the 20th Century's most important books. The German reasons for the invasion have never before been disclosed. As a result there is much misleading comment about the war's most pivotal events.

Are those who believe it a blunder to invade "innocent unprepared Russia" victims of Victor's spin? As Early as 1934 the USSR prepared for the invasion of the Reich. Moscow's earlier attempt to Bolshevise Germany in the post-war chaos of the Great War had failed.

The boastful Bolsheviks, sponsored by the U.S. and England, blundered when in spring 1941 160 Red Army divisions prepared to invade the Reich.

The official German account provides proof of Moscow's Belligerency and leaves the reader in no doubt as to who actually was the aggressor.

Paperback, 73 pages.