B215 - Auschwitz The End of a Legend. A Critique of J.C. Pressac / by Carlo Mattogno

In this meticulously written work, Italian scholar Carlo Mattogno demolishes the boldest attempt yet to answer the revionist critique of the Auschwitz extermination story.

Advance praise forAuschwitz: The End of a Legend

Carlo Mattogno has performed yeoman service for the cause of truth by showing how unjustified Jean-Claude Pressac is in reviving once more the old legend that there really were gas chambers used for the mass annihilation of millions of Jews at Auschwitz.

He shows how Pressac has misinterpreted his data and has thereby in reality been a “crypto-revionist,” rather than a true “exterminationist.” In his confused argumentation, Pressac has demonstrated ignorance of the structure and functioning of both crematory ovens and gas chambers, and of the nature and use of the disinfectant Zyklon B.

Pressac’s use of such statistics as exist is arbitrary and largely fanciful, resulting in a down-sizing of the number of alleged victims. Where information does not exist, Pressac invents it, often with mutually contradictory arguments in different parts of his presentation (e.g. concerning the purpose and use of the crematoria as supposedly intended by the SS).

With his relentless deconstruction of Pressac’s incompetence, Mattogno has hammered one more nail into the coffin of the old myth of the mass murder of Jews at Auschwitz and elsewhere. –

A. Dilbert, pen name of a professor emeritus at an Ivy League University.