B211 - The Battle For Europe: Hidden Truths about the Second World War / by Michael Walsh

After more than sixty years of World War 2 indoctrination most people consider themselves knowledgeable about the events leading to and through this conflict. The most fascinating aspect of this compilation is the revelation that much of the Victor’s account of events is bunkum.

The Battle for Europe unravels the victors' propaganda casts a new perspective on the great European tragedy of 1939 1945.

The post war propagandists’ role is best summed up by George Orwell's analysis of their function in his satirical account in 1984 of the ‘Ministry of Truth.’“This government department spent its time around the clock falsifying the past. It did so by excising all uncomfortable previous events from the public record and burning them, and reprinting continuously revised editions brought up to date in harmony with the latest twist in the political line of his fictional, but terribly real, in fact, regime."

"The preparation of ‘convenient history' has long been a lucrative undertaking. Besides making an establishment feel comfortable and secure, and justifying its policies, it can result in the reflection upon its authors of official smiles and blessings which converts into such things as secure and generously paid official and academic posts, and many related pretends and benefactions.

“Their patrons can also have harnessed to such functionaries' machinery of favorable publicity, which promotes them and their works as paragons of veracity and literary brilliance, while showering them with prizes, awards and dazzling distinctions.

“Official accounts become the political Scriptures of powerful interest groups, and are repeated unceasingly in the Establishment mass communications media, while being assiduously log-rolled in the upper levels of the ‘academic’ watchdogs of the intellect' leading to additional veneration…