B209 - SS: Roll of Infamy / by Christopher Ailsby

SS: Roll of Infamy is a complete alphabetical list of the individuals of the Third Reich’s Schutz Staffel (Protection Squad)  from the early days of the National Socialism in the 1920s to the fall of Berlin in May 1945. SS: Roll of Infamy examines in detail the sadists and psychopaths like IIse Koch and Buehenwald concentration camp and Rudolf Hoss, the murderous commandant at Auschwitz. Through these and other heinous individuals, SS: Roll of Infamy builds a complete picture of the men and women who staffed the various organizations of the SS, such as the Gestapo and concentration camp system. All the main characters of the SS’s armed wing, the Waffen-SS are also featured, with men such as “Sepp” Dietrich, the commander of the elite Leivstandarte Division.