B203 - Unlimited Access - An FBI Agent Inside theClinton White House / By Gary Aldrich

FBI Special Agent Gary Aldrich though he had a plum assignment. As one of the only two FBI agents posted at the White House, he performed the background checks on White House appointees- a peaceful yet dignified way to close an eventful career spent nabbing mobsters, drug dealers, and white-collar criminals.

Aldrich had little interest in politics. But he was concerned with the honor of the presidency and with national security. So what he witnessed in the first months of the Clinton administration left him deeply troubled. Then alarmed. Then angered. And finally, halfway through Clinton’s term, so thoroughly outraged that he felt compelled in conscience to leave the FBI.

Unlimited Access is Aldrich’s electrifying expose of a presidential administration with a great deal to hide- and willing to put America at risk to keep it hidden.

Aldrich describes how a comprehensive security system that had been perfected through six presidencies was systematically dismantled by the Clintons so they could bring their friends to the White House- friends that previous administrations would have barred because of serious ethical or legal problems, some prosecutable.

The driving force: First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, who had usurped control of domestic policy and all hiring decisions. As Aldrich shows, Mrs. Clinton and her aides thought nothing of destroying the careers and reputations of longtime White House employees to open “slots” for their Arkansas friends. Nor would they hesitate to deny a low-level job to some poor single mother with credit problems to create the appearance of careful screening while distracting from the far graver problems of many high-level appointees.

 Once in, the new appointees ran roughshod over White House tradition, common decency, and even federal law to transform the presidential residence into their personal playground. Aldrich and members of the permanent White House staff were repeatedly shocked to discover recent drug use, rampant theft, open gay/lesbian sex, and – perhaps most alarming- widespread access to classified materials by personnel without security clearances.

Nothing, it seemed, was sacred to the Clintons and their aides- not even the White House Christmas tree which under the First Lady’s direction became an opportunity for sneering, pornographic sacrilege.

The President himself? Aldrich reveals that Bill Clinton had, in contrast to his wife, little interest in what went on inside the White House- but a curiously strong interest in getting out of it. Especially late at night, for hours at a time, and without his Secret Service detail.

Aldrich reveals how Clinton pulled off these mysterious disappearances, and exactly where he would go. Unlimited Access also shed new light on such White House scandals as “Nannygate,” and “Travelgate” and the mysterious suicide was revealed to Aldrich, in a secured vault, by White House security director Craig Livingstone.

Throughout Unlimited Access, Aldrich relies on eyewitness testimony: his own, and that of other White House insiders. He concludes with a mock FBI “background report” on the President and First Lady themselves- a report that will surely come as deeply disturbing to every loyal, law-abiding American.