B201 - Neocons Unmasked / by Cushman Cunningham

Publisher’s Statement

The author and publisher of this critical manuscript both realize the controversial nature of these topics. Therefore, we suggest and request that you research these subjects on your own with all due diligence.

A most important aspect of education that our government educational system is remiss from emphasizing is the concept of thinking critically or critical thinking. Critical thinking means you question what you hear and read. Teaching itself should help you understand how to think, not what to think. Asking questions like who, what, where, when, why or how after reading a subject and then interpreting on your own, leads you to thinking critically or critical thinking.

Today with vast information at your fingertips through the Internet, Wikipedia, CDs, books, magazines, a variety of newspapers, journals and so many different points of reference, there is really no reason not to be knowledgeable about any topic you wish to pursue.

Unfortunately, the present social engineering educational agenda is unacceptable, inferior and a complete failure. Our government educational system has plunged our country into third world status, falling from a rank of 4th among industrialized nations to 34th!

My friend, author Jim Anderson, states, “Our country has become nothing more than a third world country with the bomb.” If you use your own ability to think critically and follow up on topics important to you and your future you can be much more confident in your own ideas and attitudes. With that knowledge and self-reliance you can achieve unlimited success.