"Soaring Eagles" is Ingrid Rimland's creation.  Below is 

a summary of her professional achievements:

  • Background

Ingrid Rimland was a child during World War II, born to German-descent Mennonite wheat farmers in the Ukraine who had been persecuted in the Soviet Union for their pacifist beliefs. The end of World War II saw her and her family undertake a 1000 mile trek back to the homeland of their forefathers, now a devastated wasteland.From there, still a youngster, she moved with her family and friends to the rain forests of Paraguay to pioneer the jungle and live, as her grandmother put it,". . . far from the wicked world."

It was a simple, barefoot life. Ingrid married there and started a family, only to discover shortly thereafter that life had handed her a struggle that would make all her childhood hardships pale by comparison. For while Ingrid was endowed with all the riches of a strong and questing mind, her first son's mind was "absent"-- or so all the "specialists" said.

She was young, poor and in pain but determined to make her child well. She came to Canada in 1960 and to the United States in 1967. With no more than three years' worth of grammar school, she talked her way into a university because she knew: "That is where I belong." From Ann Landers's column, at the age of 31, she learned the rudiments of English.

Four years later she graduated from Wichita State University--magna cum laude and tenth place in a class of 400. Two additional years gave her a master's degree, followed by a doctorate in 1979.

Eight years after she wrote her first coherent sentence in English, she had an award-winning ethnic novel, winning the prestigious California Literature Medal Award as the best fiction writer in that state for 1977.

Ingrid Rimland has a kaleidoscopic story to tell. She has thrilled audiences across this country with an account of a courageous struggle against overwhelming odds. You will never forget Ingrid Rimland as she tells how she baked her wedding cake in an anthill.


  • Publications 

Ingrid Rimland has authored several books as well as hundreds of articles and columns; additionally, she has assisted in manuscript preparation and editing for others, primarily in the medical field. Below is a partial listing:


•   The Wanderers - a Novel

Concordia Publishing House, 1977

Bantam Books, 1978

an historical account in fictitious form about the Mennonite exodus out of the Ukraine in 1943. A three-generational story of three strong, determined women who survived. 

Concordia Publishing House, 1977, hardcover 

Bantam Books, 1978, paperback


Readers react:

". . . What I liked best about your book is that you tell about an ethnically cohesive group that did not sell out on its values . . . "

". . . I now appreciate my German heritage as I never did before. This book has brought home to me that there were German soldiers seen as liberators, not destroyers !" 

•    The Furies and the Flame – an Autobiography

Arena Press, 1984, hardcover 

Readers react:

". . . a soaringly passionate epic about one courageous woman's battle to find love, identity and meaning in a world hostile to her aspirations. A remarkable woman who has put the substance of her life into the kind of narrative that grips us with the candor of its confession and the power of its perception. . .

". . . I feel as if I know the author because she writes with such passion, clarity and energy. . . "

". . . no other book has hit me as this one did. No other writer has ever shared as the author did. "Furies" haunts me, bothers me, pains me--so why, then, is it so beautiful . . .?"

•   "Lebensraum!" - an Ethnic Trilogy about a German-based wheat farming empire in the Midwest

(banned in Canada as “hate literature” at the request of B’nai Brith)

Samisdat Publishers, 1998

•   Columns

___ Children in Focus 

            Stockton Record, 1981 

            Beautiful People and Books 

            Stockton Record, 1982 

___ Superkids 

            Stockton Magazine, 1982 

___ Exclusively Yours 

            Stockton Lifestyle, 1985

•   Anthologies

___ Mennonite Images - edited by Dr. Harry Loewen, Chairman of the Department of Mennonite Studies at the University of Winnipeg, Hyperion Press, 1980 

___ Sprache als Heimat - edited by the International Association of German Media, Westkreuz Verlag, Bonn, 1980

•   Book Reviews

            Regular contributions to the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Des Moines Register, Kansas City Star, Fresno Bee and Stockton Record

•   Miscellaneous Publications

            Numerous features, articles, profiles and essays published by or about Ingrid Rimland in dozens of papers and magazines throughout the United States and Canada

•   Editorial Work and Manuscript Preparation in the Medical Field

            ___ Sajj Dharnidharka, M.D. - Stockton, CA 

            ___ Lorraine Day, M.D. - Rancho Mirage, CA 

            ___ Theresa L. Crenshaw, M.D. San Diego, CA


•   Awards and Honors

___ "The Wanderers"

            The California Literature Medal Award for ". . . best first novel by a California writer in 1977. . ." 

            The Gold Biennial Award given by the National League of American Pen Women (Honorable Mention) 1978.

            The most acclaimed of Ingrid Rimland's books, this novel is a fictitious account of her Mennonite grandmother's life.         Now in its third printing, this book has sold more than 100,000 copies and is still in steady demand. 

___ "The Furies and the Flame" - Autobiography

            Optioned for a Movie of the Week - (Fries Entertainment Inc., 1985).

            Described as ". . . anything but dull!. . . " this book tells of a young woman's struggle to give her son a life worth living and herself permission to become what she was meant to be.

___ "Sprache als Heimat" - Essay

            Third Prize in an international, 24 contry competition, sponsored by IADM, an association of German-language newspapers and electronic media.

___ "Children in Focus" - Educational Column

            Honorable Mention in a journalism competition sponsored by the National League of American Pen Women, 1982.

Miscellaneous Honors

            Elected to Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Delta Kappa, Mortar Board. 

Numerous Women's Awards, including 

            ___ "Woman of Achievement" and "Woman of Distinction," awards bestowed by Soroptimists International 

            ___ California Senate Commendation for "Bay Area Business Woman"

            ___ Honorary Member of MENSA 


            ___ B.A., Wichita State University, 1971;

            ___ M.A., University of the Pacific, 1973; 

            ___ Ed.D., University of the Pacific, 1979


•   Media

Ingrid Rimland is a consummate media person, with hundreds of features coast to coast.

Interviewers comment:

            ___ Fresno Bee: ". . . Ingrid Rimland generates so much energy that she practically glows in the dark . . ." 

            ___ Seattle Times: ". . . A story of achievement against intimidating odds . . ." 

            ___ Long Beach Press-Telegram: ". . . her story is one of pain and hardship, despair and ostracism, work and devotion, survival and success. . . " 

            ___ San Francisco Examiner: ". . . here, you are soon aware, is a stubborn, driven survivor who has fought her way through a life as dramatic as the answers she suggests . . . " 

Below is a partial listing of various media sources.

Syndicate Media

            An extended feature article describing Ingrid Rimland's odyssey as depicted in "The Furies and the Flame" was carried in the following:

            ___ Copley News Service - Robert Studer, Bureau Chief 

            ___ The Verduga Group - Deb Miller, Feature Writer 

Additionally, numerous broadcasts over many stations featured Ingrid Rimland, including:

           ___ Copley Radio Network - 

            An interview with Ingrid Rimland was carried by 700 stations in the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong, Guam, Samoa, Thailand and West Germany. 

            Host: Patrick Glynn

            ___ Voice of Freedom 

            Repeat world-wide satellite programs and numerous radio programs

Features, Articles and Book Reviews:

            ___ Los Angeles Times

            ___ San Francisco Chronicle

            ___ San Francisco Examiner

            ___ San Diego Union-Tribune

            ___ Long Beach Telegram

            ___ Washington Post 

            ___ Seattle Times

            ___ Lutheran Witness

            ___ Kansas City Star

            ___ Sacramento Bee

            ___ Fresno Bee

            ___ Modesto Bee

            ___ Tracy Press

            ___ Manteca Bulletin 

            ___ Lodi Sentinel

            ___ Stockton Record

            ___ Tri-City Journal

            ___ Hillsboro Argus

            ___ Clovis Independent

            ___ Sacramento Union

            ___ Medford Tribune

            ___ Chattanooga Times

            ___ Vancouver Columbian

            ___ Emphasis

            ___ The Call

            ___ The Shepherdess

            ___ The Missourian

            ___ Columbia Times

            ___ Freeman Argus

            ___ Yankton Observer

            ___ The Northridger

            ___ Fort Worth Star-Telegram

            ___ Arlington Observer

            ___ Oroville Mercury 

            ___ Chicago Suburban

            ___ Martinez News Gazette 

            ___ The Independent 

            ___ Wausau Herald

            ___ Auxiliary Shepherdess

            ___ Boutique and Villager

            ___ Rossmoor News

            ___ LD Journal

            ___ Links 

            ___ Stockton Magazine

            ___ Turlock Journal 

            ___ The Mail Tribune

            ___ ACLD Newsbriefs 

            ___ World Vision 

            ___ The Desert Sun 

            ___ St. Paul Dispatch 

            ___ ACLD Perspective 

            ___ Mennonite Reporter

            ___ Tiger Tracks 

            ___ Columbia Daily

            ___ Tribune

            ___ Daily Leader

            ___ Tulelake Reporter

            ___ Lost River Star 

            ___ Del Mar Blade-Citizen

            ___ The North County Times

            ___ Nationalist Times

            ___ Instauration

            ___ Christian News

            ___ California Staatszeitung

            ___ Amerika Woche

            ___ Media Bypass

                           . . . and many others!

Miscellaneous Radio and Television

            Hundreds of radio and television shows too numerous to mention across the United States and Canada . . .